Staudt-Stoudt-Stout National Family Reunion

Celebrating 280 years in America 1733-2014

FIRST Staudt-Stoudt-Stout family history book set
on the Germanic lines in 42 YEARS

TAKING ORDERS for the next 25 sets


    FINALLY there is a book series on the Germanic lines of the family. In less than 5 years as National Family Historian, we have computerized all of the Germanic lines (the English lines will come in several years), added other research, added photos and scans of documents, and corrected and updated other information. This work of love is ready for your family to cherish and enjoy.

  § You have been saving up for 42 YEARS to purchase the latest edition on the Germanic lines
Almost 2000 pages of family history
Over 160 pages of photos and scanned images throughout the book set
Hardbound with gorgeous cover

  § Reference section

   § Maps - mostly of U.S. locations

   § Master Index of over 25,000 people

   § Feature articles on Stoudt’s Ferry Bridge, various individuals, etc.

   § VERY simple numbering system for easier reading. Numbers from the old numbering system are within the person’s listing for reference only.

   § No symbols or difficult keys to use in order to read the text. All information is written in sentence format except for census data.

   § Stories, news articles, and facts that bring each line and many individuals to life. For instance, did you know that a Stout female really was the inventor of duck tape?

   § Each person’s listing includes a reference of their lineage to more easily locate their ancestors throughout the book
Lineage of the lines in Germany back to 1510 for the Diebold line and back to 1535 for the Hans line
Charts of the Germanic lineage, how the immigrants are related to each other, plus all sorts of other charts
Scanned images of obituaries, funeral memorials, etc.
 §  Explanations of major changes and corrections from prior books.
Orders with checks are being taken now. The order is expected to be placed at the end of April 2019.

      Don’t miss out on your copy of Staudt-Stoudt-Stout family history. Send in your order NOW!

QUALITY BOOK – This 3-volume set of almost 2000 pages includes 42 more years of information since the last book was printed. This is in a more readable format and includes quality, scanned images.

Please note that this is NOT a fundraising effort.  You will love the personality of the family that comes from the obituaries and other stories, even the fact that a female ancestor in the G-line really invented duck tape.

To receive your book set, please send a check payable to: “Ellen Kramer” c/o Mrs. Ellen Kramer, 101 South College Street, Myerstown, PA 17067.  Your set cannot be considered part of this order until money is received. We cannot guarantee another run of this edition of the Family History. So order TODAY!!

Your parents will love it as a Christmas or birthday gift! For questions call or email me at (717) 866-5425 or

God bless,
Ellen Kramer, National Family Historian of all lines of the Staudt-Stoudt-Stout family & the Family Historian Committee (Jan Creek, Allison Hoggatt, Janet Stout Toms, & Carolyn Weigand) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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What’s in the set - Includes color and black and white photos and scans, charts and maps.

Volume 1 - Introduction, Reference section including numbers of charts, Maps, Diebold line, Hans line, A-F lines, and Master Name Index

Volume 2 - G-I lines 
Volume 3 - J-W lines, plus 3 significant but unconnected segments

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